Chicken Coops Amish Built, available from Foote’s Amish Sheds, Orange County NY Hudson Valley

Foote’s Amish Chicken Coops are made by skilled craftsmen to ensure that your chickens have a safe, durable and beautiful home. When chickens are allowed to roam freely, they produce free-range eggs. If you like to collect fresh, free-range eggs conveniently in your own backyard, call to order your new chicken coop today!

Foote’s Amish Chicken Coops come in many different styles and sizes as well as offering customized options to build a chicken coop that suits your specific needs. Care for your chickens in style and comfort. They’ll thank you by producing quality eggs.

Each of the chicken coops in our inventory of Amish-made structures is carefully constructed to keep its occupants safe and secure. Chicken owners who want sturdy, reliable shelter for their chickens look to the quality selection at Foote’s Amish Sheds. We believe that our customers and their chickens deserve the best.

Quality Craftsmanship and Excellent Construction

Quality craftsmanship and excellent construction are what Foote’s Amish Sheds is known for. Our beautiful chicken coops are available in a wide variety of styles, sizes, and colors. We’ll help you find and customize a chicken coop to match your needs and your environment. Select from a variety of finishes, and colors that will make your chicken coop look great.

We’ll help you select everything for your specific needs. All of our chicken coops are made in Lancaster County PA by Amish craftsmen who understand that you want a chicken coop that looks great works great and lasts for years.

Let us help you select a structure to fit your needs and your life. Call or text Harry Foote, owner of Foote’s Amish Sheds at 914-879-1733. Or send us an email using the form to the right or on our contact form.

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